Thank You Quikr for Helping Me Help These NGO’s

Interestingly, these things have a way to come to me. By these things I mean, oppurtunities to do random acts of kindness. Thanks to last year’s secret santa I was able to help make a bunch of people happy. If you missed it, read about it here. To give you some context to all that […]

What my Secret Santee Asked for and how I fulfilled it

At the outset I’d like to say, this has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. My Secret Santee asked me to do the following: For atleast Rs.500, I request my secret santee to do 3 random acts of kindness (atleast 3 please) and post pictures of it. I have everything I […]

Added to the “Global Top 100 Social Media Agencies and Consultants 2012-13″ list

Sparkah , a San Diego based Business Consultancy firm has come up with the “Global Top 100 Social Media Agencies and Consultants 2012-13″ list. I am pleasantly surprised to be a part of this list,especially with names like Chris Borgan, Mari Smith, Jeremiah Owyang and also be the only India based Social Media Strategist on […]

Added to the ’50 Indian Women to Follow on Twitter’ list

Dr. Tanvi Gautam has created a crowd sourced list of “50 Indian women to follow on twitter“. To my pleasant surprise I am a part of this list. Her blog post says – Given my corporate leanings, and the interest in women and leadership, I decided to start there.  So I sent out a tweet: […]

Twitter for Local Business

Twitter, the 140 character micro-blogging site, is known for its short conversations, massive content generation and user’s rants about almost everything. It is also a place for people to network and meet like-minded people. And hence, it has also become a source for generating leads for businesses. In this post, we look at the why […]

Facebook goes mainstream!

I liked the movie. I liked the jokes. I liked the songs. Most importantly I liked the fact that movies are now being made with Facebook [Social Media] as one of the important plots.

Facebook Facebook everywhere!

While shopping at Colaba Causeway this Sunday I landed up on a Tshirt which had ” Facebook, Let’s Tweet” written on it. I asked the shopkeeper if he has more colours in it. He responded, “Haan Haan madam, Facebook wale main bahut colour hain.”. The same evening I took a shared taxi back to Churchgate […]

Tweet Ups to promote Business

It had a fairly decent turnout. On a Tuesday evening, which otherwise is a dull day for a hotel, we managed to make F&B sales of about Rs 2,500.

Free Monitoring Tool-Google Alerts

If you have a business , it is crucial to listen to what people are talking about you. It is also a way to reach out to your relevant audience and start a conversation with them and maybe convert them into a customer.

Welcome tab & Deals tab for your Facebook page offers you a dashboard to create deals for your Facebook connections. It also creates a decent looking welcome tab